Sunday, June 3, 2007


The Change is a place for sharing thought provoking articles and thoughts. If you would like to contribute to The Change by writing a Guest Post please follow the instructions below:


  • Post must have a specific purpose or message.
  • Post must be beneficial and God honoring.

Sending your 'potential guest post':

  1. Write your post and save it as a .doc file
  2. Email your article to thechangeonline@gmail.com with the post you wish to be published*.
  3. In your email please include your Name, Email, and Website(optional)

Your post will be reviewed and we will decide if it will be published. If your post is going to be published...You will be contacted via email. If your post is not going to be published we may not contact you...This all depends on how many posts the readers send us. So please do not be alarmed if you do not here back from us! It just means that we are really busy!

Thanks! God Bless!

Jonathan L.

*The Change and it's writers/authors have the right to decide to publish or not to publish any post sent to them. Also the The Change and it's writers/authors have the right to delete and/or remove any guest posts already on the blog.

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